It all began with a master skin therapist whose meticulous standards for skin care products prompted her to create a line of cosmetology system that can address the individually unique and often times complex skin conditions of her clients – not through trial and error – but with accuracy and precision, through time and time. With an intense passion and determination, she nurtured her daughter to become professionally trained in molecular biology and skin care formulation, so that she can harness the knowledge necessary to precisely channel her aspirations and expertise into their creation: Skin Need – Your Private Formula. The system is a series of 35 in-office and home-use formulations designed to be blended and customized day in and day out for a highly personalized skin care experience that can evolve with the skin’s ever-changing condition to meet its dynamic needs.

Today, Skin Need – Your Private Formula is the in-house brand of an FDA-approved, cGMP certified laboratory in the U.S., where R & D is conducted in both U.S. and Hong Kong laboratories, co-run by the founder’s daughter, Christal Leung. The Skin Need team is composed of experienced beauticians, therapists, doctorate level chemists and biologists educated in top tertiary institutions and seasoned in front-running cosmetic manufacturers, whom not only engage in the development and manufacturing of Skin Need, but also the creation of numerous private label brands around the globe.
Stepping into its second decade carried mainly through word-of-mouth,Skin Need – Your Private Formula prides itself on being a reputable line of functional formulas known for excellence in quality and sophistication in design. While the refinement of formulations through the years has led to the integration of high-technology delivery systems and cell modulating ingredients with naturally derived botanical extracts, the safety, conscience, and mindfulness aspects remain unchanged – with even a stronger presence in the formulating philosophy of Skin Need as the world becomes more aware, educated, and empowered to strive for positive self-image that radiates intelligence and wellness.




With a palate for aesthetics and an education in biological sciences, my expertise in skin care formulation and manufacturing was cultivated from an inherited profession in the industry of cosmetics. Growing up as a stubborn child and having the tendency to not accept easy answers, I’ve always loved to explore underlying causes of different phenomenon and seek solutions from the root of problems, and therefore have naturally been drawn to the field of molecular biology – as it allows meto use micro-scale approach to answer broad biological questions.This aspect of my personality is reflected in the products that I create with my talented team of chemists, as we strive to provide functional skin care that are direct, effective, and serving the objective to ignite changes from bottom up to improve health from within.
I am amazed by the miracle of life forms and our magical power to sustain life through energy and substance conversion. I honour the originality of our biology and therefore incorporate as many substances original and beneficial to the skin as possible, while also having a firm belief in bio-mimicry to enhance cellular function using plant-based, naturally-derived, and technologically engineered high quality raw materials that can be utilized by our cells. Needless to say, my appreciation for biology also extends to protecting animals and our earth, and therefore our products are 100% vegan, never tested on animals, do not contain harmful substances to the environment, while using decomposable packaging materials whenever possible.

Due to genetics, epi-genetics, as well as our ever-changing internal and external environment, I believe that there can be a limitless combination of skin types and conditionsin any given moment with each requiring specific attention and precise routine to meet its needs, and the solution we have innovated is known as “Your Private Formula.” It is a suggested routine that considers your skin type, skin attributes, lifestyle, and geographic region to help you neutralizing damages while optimizing skin health. The recommendation aims to be informative, precise, and practical, with blending instructions on how to mix, match, and customize products to best address the dynamic needs of your skin.
I hope my message has given you a bit more insight into the philosophy, background, and drivers that go into developing Skin Need – Your Private Formula, and that you find our skin diagnosis protocol useful in helping you understand the needs of your skin. Since taking proper care of yourself and your body is the best way to appreciate the wonderful complexity of its operation, it can also help us to preserve the quality and vitality of this masterpiece we are gifted with to live our dreams and aspirations!