Intense Nano-Lift Peptides



Powerful combination of skin modulating Proprietary Peptides, rare and potent anti-oxidizing agent, and oceanic nutrients to offer age reversal effects on the skin through line diminishing, youth preserving, and skin rejuvenating pathways. Also fortified with Nano-Hyaluronic Acid to deliver suppleness and accentuate skin firmness, this formula is enhanced with a natural herbal extract known as Eternity Grass to de-stress the skin and prevent its associated effects such as early onset of aging.

-formulated to target wrinkles, fine lines, skin dehydration, and loss of elasticity
-a multi-functional and powerful formulation for age prevention and reversal
-restores skin firmness and refines skin; packed with nutrients to prompt cellular regeneration
-intervenes with facial movements to diminish appearance of expression lines

Active Ingredients:
Argireline, Pentapeptides, Resveratrol, Marine Kelp Extract, Eternity Grass Extract, Nano-Hyaluronic Acid, High Molecular Weight Sodium Hyaluronate.

Other Ingredients:
Ethylhexylglycerin, DI Water.

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Use as directed by a professional. For general use: apply 5 drops onto skin by patting in an upward motion, until fully absorbed. Reapply as needed until desired suppleness is reached. For blending: blend according to directions by a professional. Blend with Perfection and Expert series to dilute product, or with Moisturizing series to custom create a fresh and light product rheology.



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