ION+ Machine

The Skin Need Tonic & Serum Compressing Infuser is a convenient and sophisticated device designed to soften, hydrate, and revitalize skin by way of stimulating aquaporins and increasing skin hydration. When combined with oxygenated products of Skin Need, the system is among the first skin care devices to offer oxygen delivery treatments in a conveniently portable unit. The pressuring and compressing effect of the device instantly increases nutrient density of skin care products and propels them into deep layers of the skin, thereby optimizing results of various skin care products and treatments to promote cellular growth and skin rejuvenation.


Area of Treatment:

  • dull, pigment abd uneven skin tone
  • acne, oil-prone skin and enlarge pores
  • wrinkled, sagging, and ageing skin
  • dry, scaly, and flaky skin
  • sensitive skin with signs of dryness and redness
  • skin maintenance after laser and intense pulsed light treatments



1. Cools and calms the skin without using skin-irritating ingredients or cortisol-containing products to deliver skin comfort

2. Increases absorption of product nutrients such as trace minerals, humectants, vitamins…etc by the skin

3. Creates gradient difference of water level in the skin and stimulates aquaporins embedded within cell membranes to increase skin suppleness and smoothness

4. Combined with oxygenated products of Skin Need – Your Private Formula, various effects such as skin brightening, pore refining, firming, and lifting effects can be enhanced



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